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Chad Jeffers, a highly-respected guitarist, dobro, lap steel and pedal steel player with worldwide tours and years of experience under his belt, is now able to deliver the powerful message behind his success – a message packed with practical advice and guidelines for aspiring musicians – novice or seasoned.

As Chad tours the world and gives seminars on getting into the music industry, he keeps his message upbeat and positive. His lectures are from past experiences and his career to help others gain insight into succeeding in the music business.


“By drawing from his unique performance experiences and broad repertoire of musical influences, coupled with his ability to catch the vision of an artist and help them realize their musical goals, makes Chad an invaluable member of any artist’s dream team!” – Diane Sheets, owner of Sheets Music




“Love this! I had a sneaky suspicion this would turn out great…and Chad’s hit one over the fence. Way to go!”Jimmy Olander, from Diamond Rio,


“The best teacher is a great student. Chad Jeffers has been a student of musicians and the music business and that’s what makes him a great teacher of musicians and the music business.”Don Cusic, Author, Historian, and Professor
“Chad’s seminars gave my students incredible insight into the music business. Not only did he give great information, he engaged and involved the audience. I would highly recommend Chad and his book, ’25 Notes.'” – Paul Peterson, Program Specialist at Minneapolis Media Institute